What is the greatest challenge facing a stable, reliable and secure Electrical Grid?

Reactive Power infiltrating the Electrical Grid from normal Electrical Energy use.

PF-ONE is designed specifically to meet this challenge!

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Where do the effects of Reactive Power show up?

The effects of Reactive Power are felt throughout the Electrical Grid. It is unpredictable, and can vary as to when and how Electrical Energy is being used, with the greatest infiltration to the Electrical Grid at the grid edge, or point of use.

PF-ONE is a dynamically adaptable solution correcting for Reactive Power at the grid edge!

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What are the effects on the Electrical Grid from Reactive Power?

Reactive Power effects are highlighted by reducing energy capacity, and increasing stresses on grid infrastructure, which leads to a reduction in reliability, stability, and security.

PF-ONE works autonomously through this unpredictability to enhance the performance of the Electrical Grid!

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How does Reactive Power affect the future development of the Electrical Grid?

Reactive Power is a major impediment to the adoption of distributed solar generation and the evolution to a multi-directional truly smarter Electrical Grid. The presence of these restrictive forces causes major reliability uncertainty, increasing costs, and grid capacity losses which have a damaging impact on economic growth and development.

PF-ONE is technology designed as an enabling and adaptable solution for the future growth of the Electrical Grid!

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How does Reactive Power affect the cost of Electrical Energy?

Reactive Power is the main grid concern, requiring a large amount of engineering attention, with communication reliant capital investments to manage. Reactive Power increases infrastructure and maintenance costs while decreasing revenue potential through lost grid capacity. These results lead to increased costs for Electrical Energy consumers.

PF-ONE is the best solution for reducing costs and increasing revenue while offering increased energy performance to consumers!

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How does Reactive Power affect the Environment?

The inefficient use of any resource is always harmful to the environment and Reactive Power is the root cause of inefficiencies within the Electrical Grid.

Lost potential is wasted opportunity!

PF-ONE is technology designed for managing Reactive Power on the demand side in order to shield the Electrical Grid from these inefficiencies. Increasing efficiency is always better for the environment!

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What is the best solution to the Reactive Power challenge?

The adaption of PF-ONE technology!

With Electrical Energy the driving force of the modern world there is increasing demand for reliability in the Electrical Grid. Adequate grid management requires a high degree of performance certainty to meet these expectations.
The PF-ONE is a bottom-up, adaptive, communication free, and autonomous solution, working to shield the Electrical Grid from the harmful effects of Reactive Power. Correcting Reactive Power at the grid edge before it can infiltrate the grid.
To the utility engineers, everything gets better when you can remove the “j” from the equation!

Certainty starts with “The Grid Made Real.”


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