Electrical Energy is undeniably the key driving force of the modern world!

The world’s reliance and demand for Electrical Energy is continuing to increase as the drive to a greener more environmentally aware energy sector evolves. This evolution presents significant challenges to existing generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure tasked with integrating new sources while also supplying new demands.

We are a technology company dedicated to developing real solutions to address these energy challenges. We are focused on developing self-adapting, infrastructure based technologies which meet the Power Quality challenges of today, while also serving to enable the grid edge revolutions of tomorrow.

Our visionary team has dedicated many years investing in and developing this new technology for an ever evolving world, working toward the goal of providing solutions to deliver sustainable, reliable, and green energy. These investments serve to accelerate our focus on a new class of technology for managing power quality, system resilience, and power transfer efficiency.

Our group of world leading engineers, professionals and designers, with our many partnering companies have decades of experience, in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of unique power systems which are in use the world over.

Technology designed to serve!