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Industry Products

An Industry’s internal electrical system is an essential infrastructure for the profitability of any enterprise. Power quality issues can present a large challenge to all industries big and small. The need for an efficient, sustainable electrical system, within their facility helps reduce demand and energy costs while increasing internal capacity.

PF-ONE enabled devices provide an adaptive, communication free, autonomous power quality solution. Integrating these devices to the service points throughout the facility is as simple as installing power to the various equipment loads.

Industrial Products

PF-ONE Industrial Series of Compensation and Sub-Meter controls. These models feature; 2.4KVar to 15KVar Compensation, 120-240VAC (480VAC coming soon) single, or 3 phase (Y-N) 50/60Hz, 200 Amp per phase ratings. All models are natural air convection, with options for forced air convection. Standard WiFi interface is provided with options for LoRa, ZigBee, Celluar, etc (custom options are also available). Standard LCD displays are provided with options for epaper or oled. All units can be cascaded to increase compensation, simply add units in series, no control wiring or setup needed.

The PF-ONE modular design allows for adaptability for variation of uses and compensation limits.

PF-ONE is cascade-able to increase compensation capacity, simply add units in series, no control wiring or communication of any kind is required for any PF-ONE installation. Therefore installing 2 devices rated at 15 KVar each in series provides 30 KVar compensation to the load.

PF-ONE cascading increases compensation capacity.

Many additional options are possible, if you have custom needs please contact us.

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