March 2022

PF-ONE is keeping it REAL!

To meet Power System challenges of the Green Economy, a greater control over distribution assets is a must. Present distribution networks are unprepared for the uncertainties of new technology, home solar, and Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption.

Introducing PF-ONE, a Grid Edge compensation technology, where active currents are injected to cancel reactive, harmonic, inrush and imbalanced load currents adaptively. With PF-ONE’s unique abilities, distribution networks are autonomously tuned to meet Load, Voltage, Power Quality, and Stability requirements. Increase distribution capacity, reduce technical losses, and make seasonal or time of day network adjustments a thing of the past. The PF-ONE infrastructure grade control brings all of these benefits to networks big or small at scale, without the need for communication.

Smart Meter devices incorporating PF-ONE compensation technology shield Power Utilities with full system compensation right to the Grid’s edge. Now installation is as simple as replacing a service meter.

Power Systems are central to global decarbonisation, the Green Economy!

Got questions?

See us at Smart Cities Pavilion Booth # 3920, in the upcoming IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, LA, USA.  April 26-28, 2022.