PF-ONE Technology

PF-ONE stands for Power Factor ONE which is the state in which the electrical grid is the most efficient for moving “real power,” working energy, through the grid from generation to consumer.

The deviation of the Power Factor “PF” from a state of ONE is a consequence of reactive power components being released into the electrical grid from demand-side uses of electrical energy.

The PF-ONE is grid edge technology designed to manage the reactive power components from the demand side electrical energy uses. This technology is incorporated at the grid edge at the service point or meter to the consumer, operating autonomously, without the need of communication, compensating to changes in demand use on a microsecond basis. Capable of compensating both leading and lagging power factors as well as if desired filtering harmonics which are more commonly an issue with the newer green energy technologies.

Using a small amount of energy, ”real power,” the PF-ONE technology generates the reactive power requirements for the demand use, at the service point, shielding the electrical grid of the capacity and instability losses inherent with having to provide these reactive power components through the grid from the generation point.

With the PF-ONE technology, the reactive power components and harmonics are contained on the demand side of the device. This leaves the electrical grid side only having to deal with “real power,” reducing maintenance cost, extending the life of old power systems and increases the energy capacity of the existing electrical grid infrastructure.

For the utility engineers, removing the “j” from the equation was never before possible!

The first image shows the effects of reactive power on the demand side at a PF .509.

The second image is the PF-ONE model MM50 a utility pilot model designed to be placed at the service between the meter and consumer.

The third image is the grid side after the PF-ONE has corrected the demand side pictured in the first image to a PF .991.

Note: The PF-ONE is microprocessor control based technology which enables the setting of the desired power factor, and the control works to maintain that setting as in this case PF .99.

It should also be noted, that with the PF-ONE engaged, the grid side now sources 1.22 Amps to accommodate the demand side’s need for 2.11 Amps. This vastly increases the efficiency of the grid side, releasing grid capacity to additional source demands all with the existing infrastructure.

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