PF-ONE Technology

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PF-ONE is a new class of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) technology positioned at the grid-edge. All reactive power and harmonic mitigation requirements of attached loads are generated and corrected locally by the PF-ONE. This has widespread positive impacts on distribution grids and enables high penetration of distributed solar, EV charging, and increased distribution capacity with precise voltage profiling and near perfect power quality. The PF-ONE maximizes utility asset utilization too, increasing generation, system resilience, demand control, and lowering ATC losses all in a device the size of a typical service meter! As a meter replacement, installation costs are at a minimum.

PF-ONE Technology Features

1. Patented: Dual meter, current injection, high speed compensation architecture.

2. Solid state modular design.

3. Utility aware intelligence with “no harm” programming protocols.

4. Communication free adaptive compensation.

5. Embedded smart meter functionality.

6. An at scale solution, unlimited scalability.

7. Compensation increased by cascading devices.

8. Wi-Fi, LoRa, Zigbee wireless compatible.

The PF-ONE modular design adapts to a wide range of applications and compensation needs.

PF-ONE is cascade-able to increase compensation capacity, simply add units in series, no control wiring or communication of any kind is required for any PF-ONE installation. Unit compensation in cascade is the addition of each unit’s compensation rating. Two 15 KVar units in cascade gives a total of 30 KVar compensation capability.

PF-ONE cascading increases compensation capacity.

Product packaging is determined based on where the PF-ONE technology is to be integrated. To maximize the benefit and investment return, devices should be integrated as close to electrical loads as possible. Every PF-ONE device provides an adaptive and communication free Power Quality solution to attached loads.

For the Utility

PF-ONE enabled smart meters maximize utility returns, with integration as simple as replacing the service meter.

For Industry

PF-ONE enabled devices enhance power distribution on the factory floor. Simply install the PF-ONE close to reactive loads and throughout the local power network. This distributed installation enhances compensation using the cascade feature of every PF-ONE enabling factory expansion while reducing the need to increase service size.

For Portable Use

The PF-ONE portable control cleans and enhances power delivery to portable devices. Simply “plug-in” the PF-ONE in series with loads. Fitted with standard plugs for the global location of use, makes for easy integration into any system. Like all other PF-ONE devices these can be cascaded as well.This is also an ideal evaluation and testing platform for utilities and industry alike.

North America 120 VAC pictured.

Custom OEM Packaging

PF-ONE devices are modular with easy integration to meet custom or OEM compensation and packaging needs.

Many options are possible, if you have custom needs please contact us.

PF-ONE enables worry free solar penetration throughout the system without concern for reactive power or voltage regulation problems. Enables the use of cost effective, active power only micro-inverters.

PF-ONE increases distribution capacity and voltage regulation to enhance home EV charging options.

PF-ONE suppresses network harmonic and reactive power flows raising power quality and efficiency of the entire system.

PF-ONE enables voltage profiling of distribution networks, increasing voltage regulation and reducing line droop. This increases the stable range of tap changer voltages enhancing demand control.

PF-ONE generates load reactive power requirements locally at the grid-edge. This frees capacity of generation to be used in active power generation or to enhance system resilience.

PF-ONE has a widespread impact on lowering operation and maintenance costs, increasing revenue from present assets, and enables the seamless integration of solar and EV charging. No other single device can do so much to modernize utility networks. PF-ONE clears a path to the green economy with real solutions.


Electrical Grid certainty is the foundation of the modern world and a requirement for a responsible growing economy. A great amount of energy has been spent on studying the problems faced by all Electrical Grids, it is time for solutions. PF-ONE technology provides solutions to these challenges now and into the future.

“PF-ONE the Grid Made Real”!