Grid Challenges

Advancing technologies of distributed solar generation and EV charging are straining present electrical grids. The dynamic nature of loads, wind, and solar leaves classical electrical grids unprepared. Solutions are needed now, if a one decade time line to achieve zero emissions is to be met. Costs for replacing entire distribution networks especially within dense city landscapes are prohibitive. Any solution would have to use a significant portion of existing networks and assets as is, increase network capacity in both directions, maintain stability, increase efficiency, and be near effortless to implement at scale.


Introducing PF-ONE, a new class of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) technology positioned at the grid-edge. All reactive power, load imbalance and harmonic mitigation requirements of attached loads are generated and corrected locally by the PF-ONE autonomously. This has widespread positive impacts on distribution networks and enables high penetration of distributed solar, EV charging, and increases distribution capacity. The PF-ONE maximizes utility asset utilization too, increasing generation, system resilience, demand control, and lowering ATC losses all in a device the size of a typical service meter. Since PF-ONE is available as a meter replacement, installation costs are minimal.

For industrial settings, PF-ONE is best incorporated as close to the source of significant loads within factories and complexes. Large machinery, motors, and air conditioning loads are ideal locations to install PF-ONE devices. These distributed placements reduce stress on internal power networks and demand. PF-ONE is cascade-able to increase compensation capacity, simply add units in series, no control wiring or communication of any kind is required for any PF-ONE installation.

In addition to the PF-ONE core benefits, it records performance, power used, power supplied, and many more. This accounting enables the adoption of solar and distributed power generation trade. Moving from traditional unidirectional “utility to customer” grid, to the new “multi-directional distributed” smarter grid, ready to meet the demands of the future.

“PF-ONE the Grid Made Real”!