NEW-M About

NEW-M About


Electrical Energy is the key driving force of the modern world!

The world’s reliance and demand for Electrical Energy will continue to increase as our understanding in ways to use it evolves. This evolution presents significant challenges to existing generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure tasked with supplying this demand. is a technology company dedicated to developing real solutions to address all power quality challenges facing power systems both big and small. Our focus is on self-adapting infrastructure grade products and technology which meet the needs of today, while also serving to enable the grid edge revolutions of tomorrow.

With decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of unique power systems our team is focused on a new class of technology for managing and monitoring Power Quality, Power Stability, and Power Transfer Efficiency.

The PF-ONE enable products are bottom-up, adaptive, communication free and autonomous solutions, working to shield electrical systems from the harmful effects of Power Quality challenges such as Reactive Power, Harmonics and Inrush Currents. Correcting Power Quality issues at the source before they infiltrate the greater electrical system, increases efficiency while also reducing costs. Our engineering moto, Technology designed to serve!