Reactive Power

Reactive Power

Reactive Power is expressed as a unit of Volt-Ampere Reactive or “VAR” and exists on the grid when the current and voltage are out of phase. Lagging reactive power is a result of inductive loads such as transformers or motors with leading Reactive Power caused by capacitive loads.

Although Reactive Power is necessary for the healthy use of the many electrical applications the world has come to rely on, the effects to the Electrical Grid are destabilizing and can be costly. This makes it necessary to enlist some form of power factor correction system to assist in maintaining stability.

Traditional top down power factor correction systems of the mid-twentieth century are at a disadvantage in the modern evolving world. Reactive Power needs are changing dynamically with the evolution in ways of using and generating electrical energy. The need for Reactive Power correction occurs from the bottom up, leaving the traditional rigid systems positioned in the wrong place and unable to dynamically adapt to rapid changes for the best results.

Only a bottom up dynamically adaptable approach to Reactive Power can adequately meet these challenges in the twenty first century. PF-ONE Technology is designed explicitly to meet this Reactive Power challenge!